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The Trials and Contributions of the Native Americans

             People have always wondered where the first Americans came from, and the.
             Choctow have a creation story that has been passed down from generation to generation, .
             it's about a Raven that was so lonely. One day he paced back and forth on the sandy .
             beach, feeling quite dejected. Except for the trees, the moon, the sun, water, and a few .
             animals, the world was empty. His heart wished for more. Suddenly a large clam pushed .
             through the sand making an eerie bubbling sound. Raven watched and listened intently .
             as the clam slowly opened up. He was surprised and happy to see tiny people emerging .
             from the shell. All were talking, smiling, and shaking the sand off of their tiny bodies. .
             Men, women, and children spread around the island. Raven was pleased and proud with .
             his work. He sang a beautiful song of great joy and greeting. He had brought the .
             first people to the world (Thomas, et al. 30).
             Studies done by archeologists, biologists, geneticists, linguistics, and physicists .
             offer compelling evidence that Native Americans descended from people that emigrated .
             from Asia. Remains of a butchered mastodon found near Tallahassee, Florida, dated .
             around 10,200 BC, gives an approximate time of when the Asian migrants hunted in the .
             Even though everything was tried, from annihilation to assimilation, the Native .
             Americans have survived, and have made significant contributions to the modern world.
             With the arrival of the Europeans, trouble began in which groundless fears, .
             prejudices, and misunderstandings have led to tragedy. The main problem was a belief .
             that the non-Indian cultures, values, religions, life styles, abilities, and achievements were .
             more advanced and of a higher order than those of the Indians. And so it followed that .
             the Indians were deemed to be inferior, subhuman, barbaric, and dangerous to civilized .
             More importantly, to justify the white invaders belief in their own superiority, led .

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