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Immigrants and the German Experience

             America was known to European immigrants as,"the land of freedom,".
             according to the Encyclopedia of Immigrants. Immigration from Europe began in.
             the 17th centry and included people from many European countries. German.
             immigration has been documented as far back as 1607. The earliest German.
             immigrants traveld from Europe to Jamestown, Virginia. During the late 19th.
             centry and early 20th centry German immigration boomed. There were many.
             reasons why Europeans traveled across the Atlantic. .
             Religious freedom, thriving economy, steady expasion of the frontier, and.
             the receptive attitudes of the colonial governments attracted newcomers. Most.
             immigrants moved to America seeking jobs. Common types of jobs available to.
             the immigrants included working on the railroads, coal mines, factory work, and.
             other industrial jobs. .
             Today in America we consist of many different ethnic groups. All who have.
             migrated, excluding the Native Americans, from different countries and continents.
             around the world. Immigrants came to America for many reasons. The English.
             which were one of the largest groups to immigrate, came to America to colonize. .
             Many, such as a large number of French immigrants came to America to escape.
             religious persecution. Others came to America to simply to survive. For.
             instance, many Irish immigrants came to America to escape the potatoe famine. .
             Others, such as millions of African slaves were brought to America against their .
             will. The Italian, Chinese, and Welsh settled as well. These were only a few.
             groups that migrated to the United States around the 17th centry. .
             Over 10,000 people would sail on the unsafe Atlantic. Many would die of.
             hunger and disease while others fought to stay alive in hope of the freedoms that.
             have yet to come. The population of immigrants rapidly grew when ships went to.
             steam. This is when the poor began migrate to America. It was often, the poorer.
             of men that migrated to America who then sent for their family after they were.

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