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Immigration, Mass Media and America

            Immigration: Mass Media Influences on the General American Population.
             The mass media industry has influentially shaped American society's behavior on immigration into a strict systematic view that immigration is a necessary tool needed to strengthen the economy, stabilize cultural diversity, and expand collective intelligence.
             Immigration has always been a major topic for discussion for people interested in national and international affair of the United States since the founding of the nation. Immigration has many influences on the United States since it is a social necessity for economic, social stability, and collective intellectual progression. Ever since Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, America is constantly inundated with immigrants of various origins. In the beginning, people from England immigrated to America, and then other European countries followed. The American natives were treated as immigrants and forced to migrants into the western land due to Manifest Destiny in the 1860s. In 1880s, the Chinese Exclusion act was passed, and Chinese labor immigration was banned for ten years. In 1906, Upton Sinclair published his novel The Jungle portraying the immigrant workers in the meat industry. Many scholar articles also explore how media portrays the topic of immigration. It is of great significance that people should acknowledge and think critically about effects of the mass media on topic of immigrations to further their understanding on how immigration has shaped the contemporary Untied States. .
             The mass media portrays immigration as a necessary tool to increase the United States Goss Domestic Production and thereby bolstering the economy. In THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OFAMNESTY FOR UNAUTHORIZED IMMICRANTS, Orrenius examines the effects of immigration on economy in the United States. Orrenius argues, "An important macroeconomic benefit of immigration is foreign bom workers' responsiveness to variation in labor demand over time and across regions.

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