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America and the Plight of Illegal Immigrants

            Illegal immigrants are immigrants that have come into a country to take permanent residence without following the established legal procedures. It has been found that more than ten million immigrants, in 2010, are illegally residing in the United States. There are many ways of entering into the United States illegally, which include the following: sneaking into the U.S, without documentation, stowing away on ships or cross over the U.S. border through Canada, cross along through the U.S./Mexico border,providing false documentation to enter, and coming with a temporary visa but staying longer then permitted to. The view on illegal immigrants varies from person to person, some people view them as hard working individuals, others view them as crooks who are taking jobs that Americans deserve. There have been many attempts to changes the laws to stop people from immigrating and staying in the United States. Another reason why some illegal immigrants are still in the U.S. is solely the fact that they have a child, some even argued that there should be a law where one parents has to be a legal resident but such arguments have not attained a vote by the House or Congress. .
             Many people know that illegal immigration is one of the most controversial and debated issues to date because of the fact that people tend to disagree on different factors that immigrants contribute to, such as, crime rates, the economy, border communities, and employment. These are some of the most common issues that are brought up among debates because these seem to be the topic to catch one's attention. One may argue that illegal immigrants are a danger to American citizens because they are taking away the jobs that American's could have but are given to "immigrants who are willing to work for lower wages, and that illegal immigration results in significant welfare costs " (Overview).

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