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Race Riots in asian american history

             Throughout the course of human history, there have always been the oppressed, deprived, and subjugated minorities that suffer under the constraints of the majority. The ideologies based upon the Eurocentric and Protestant groups proceed to be key figures of oppression and racism. The mannerisms in which minorities are dealt with and looked upon show the true forms of intention and persecution these groups feel because they do not and can not assimilate to the majority party. It is a keepsake that revolves upon the premise and ideas that the majority will always be in power and that it is an undeniable slogan for saying "better than you." Lies, deceit, and oblivious ignorance to dehumanization follow amongst the path of racist attitudes. There comes a time when a standstill is reached and no more subordination is tolerated. The minority finagling com es to a grip of understanding and comes round full circle to engage and meet their oppressors. Such was the case for the Asian immigrants coming to America in the early twentieth century. There was no place or sanctuary given to these faceless cheap laborers. Their efforts in helping to forge and create the nation were badgered and bombarded with onslaughts of bigotry and senseless violence. The Asian Americans were no exception to racism and segregating laws. The political deception and allowance of bigot laws kept the Asian people oppressed and gave no room for further social advancement. The Asian immigrants also faced battles of violence and intolerable cruelty in the work force, living space, and in the political arena. The development and premise that Asians were just tools of trade to be used for services but not able to maintain a foot inside the doorway of America showed how hypocritical and uncanny the Americans were to the Asian minorities. Ranging from th e times of the Chinese in California to the migration of Japanese and Korean workers on the sugar plantations in Hawaii, all faced various forms of racism and dealt with individual problems in their own fashions.

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