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The Chinese Immigration to Land Of Opportunity

            Throughout human history there have been many migrations of diverse people to diverse lands, in search of food, shelter, work, money, opportunities, freedom, religion and success. Today, America is known for it's rich immigrant history. The history that was made by the people of hundreds of nationalities, who came to the United States to seek a new life style, a new job and a new home. Today most of us don't realize or aren't very much aware of the hardship and often rejection faced by newcomers as they attempted to adjust into the American culture. The struggle faced by immigrants who come to the United States is equally matched by the struggle they face to adjust into the American culture. In spite of that imagine if the hardship you put in to be accepted by the American culture was suddenly taken away by your new countrymen and leaving you abandoned. The nation that you believed stood for freedom and liberty, suddenly prison you down by chains of prejudice and laws of discrimination, just because your origin was different compare to your new countrymen. In our precious American history there has been discrimination against the immigrants that resulted in laws, which were passed by the legislature and affected the civil liberties promised by our beloved constitution. Support for these laws was generated by the texts of the time.
             Sadly, this incident has occurred in past to the largest immigrant groups "the Chinese". If not to count the ancestors of the American Indians who presumably crossed the Bering Strait in ice age, the Chinese were the first Asians immigrants to enter the United States. At first what appeared to be a generous hospitality from their new country quickly turned bitter anti immigration policies passed in the 1880's. America's attitude towards Chinese immigrants remained very immoral. It wasn't until eighty years after 1880's in 1965 when the last of America's restrictions towards Chinese immigration was finally repealed.

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