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Religion- A Matter of Faith

             No simple definition can describe the numerous religions in the world. For many people, religion is an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, practices, and worship that center on one supreme God. For many others, religion involves many gods, or deities. Some even have a religion in which no God or gods are worshiped. But almost all people who follow some form of religion believe that a divine power created the world and influences their lives. .
             According to The World Book, people practice religion for several reasons. Such as, religion gives many people a feeling of security because they believe that a divine power watches over them. Also, many follow a religion to enjoy a sense of kinship with their follow believers. Yet, what I feel most important is that most people throughout the world follow a religion simply because it is a part of the heritage of their culture, tribe, or family such as myself. There are more people being introduced to gods while he or she is still young (by parents, family, or culture) rather than exploring religion by him or her self. .
             Religion, like language is able to pass on culture and forms diffusion within cultures through books, bible, language, immigration, and mass media. One great example is Buddhism. This religion first originates in Asian countries but now we frequently see temples around in this free America. This is due to the high Asian immigration rate during the 1930's.
             One might think that there is no connection between sociology and religion; moreover, sociology interferes with religion since sociology is the system study of human society (as stated in the first chapter of the text book) and that what it explore is "real" and "scientific". Nevertheless, "Sociology investigates the social consequences of religion, but cannot verify or disprove religious doctrine. Religion is a matter of faith, or belief anchored in conviction rather than scientific evidence.

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