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            Religion, the concept that has been around for ages, has always been based on one .
             These beliefs have always been formed in the hope that there is an almighty god .
             who created and controls all life in creation. Although most beliefs say there is only one .
             god, some feel there are many gods, each of which controls different aspects of life itself.
             But religion doesn't always have to be the belief of a god. Religion could just be the .
             belief in an aspect of there natural word. Such religions could be the quest for inner peace.
             or the belief that we were sent on this earth just to die and go to another plane of .
             In most religions, the society is the foundation for any belief. Society is the .
             structure used to keep most religions alive. A society is a group of organized persons .
             working for a common goal. In the case of a religion, the society usually performs a .
             ceremony on there holy day in respect to there god or way of belief. But, without the .
             individual, the one person who could lead these societies in there belief, the society .
             would fail and the benefits of the strength of the society, and especially the individual, .
             who would lose his chance to allow himself to achieve self understanding through faith.
             So, in the case of the religion, the society requires the faith of the individual as much as .
             the individual relies on the society.
             The aspect of faith is a must for all religions, for faith keeps the bonds of the .
             religion strong. Faith is the reason for all those who have a religion to trust in there .
             beliefs and not to dought them. Reason gives those with doughts not to loose faith in .
             there religion, there family, or themselves, but to persevere the hard times for the greater .
             good. Reason helps people cope with there religion through harsh times and to never .
             loose faith in what they do. If they did, those people would loose there reason for having .
             faith and loose there reason to even have a religion.

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