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Common Grounds of Religion and Sex

             Religion plays a powerful role in regulating sexuality and influencing how we view experience sex. Identify a topic related to religion and sex (examples include but are not limited to: celibacy, virginity, sex as sinful, Adam and Eve, procreation, birth control, abortion, etc.). Then, using the two required references, explain the origin of the specific topic you have chosen, its impact on male and female sexuality, how the topic has changed over time, and its status today.
             One of the most debated topics about sexuality and religion today aside from abortion is virginity. Especially in college it has been a topic that I have talked about and discussed with people on numerous occasions. In my opinion the topic of virginity is one that relates to that of females much more than that of males. In todays society it is looked down upon and shunned when a male is a virgin, especially past the age of 18. At the age of eighteen a male is expected or already have had sex with at least one person or multiple partners. This is what society expects and promotes among both females and males but more so among males in this day and age. .
             There are even movies made mocking males who have not had sex at a certain age such as "40 year old virgin" or take for example any movie that has a college or high school theme in it. Each one of those movies has some element of losing ones virginity in it, take "American Pie," for example, which had the entire theme throughout the movie that Jim needed to lose his virginity before prom. As being a male I can first hand tell you that the most talked about topic is sex with my friends and how many girls we have had sex with is something that is talked about and to be honest bragged about. "The ambiguity is intentional," says Michael Bruce of San Francisco, co-editor of "College Sex: Philosophy for Everyone - Philosophers with Benefits." I think that society has put that pressure on the male gender to be like this and pursue girls in this way and not really think twice about one's status in terms of virginity.

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