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How Can We Know If At All, That Our Behaviour is Ethical

            This essay is exploring human behaviour both from an individual point of view, as well as considering society as a whole. Main causes of human behaviour have to be taken into the account along with the outcome or the effects of such actions; historical as well as psychological perspectives are considered. The next step of the essay is to reflect on what course of action is considered to be ethical and how the judgements can be attained. Further, due to difficulties encountered trying to evaluate human behaviour, some minor yet relevant factors are brought into the account to assist our understanding.
             The problem of trying to understand human behaviour has been discussed for a long time, but the outcome does speak for the matter due to the fact that there are many factors that make every individual act in a unique way. The emphasis is put on the circumstances that affect human behaviour, in order to predict our reaction. One of the major factors that affects our behaviour is culture, even though every man is a self-made man. An individual is not independent of society, yet not entirely the creature of society. The identity of the person is not bodily depending on clothing style, skin color or beautification like plastic surgery, but depends on the environment, religion and language. Existentialists object by saying that an individual is a result of a series of "accidents", such as race, sex and nationality. Man, not shaped by a particular culture never existed; human behaviour is everywhere channeled by society . A man inherits something from his parents and, in turn, passes it on to his children; one of the ordinary examples would be religion. The idea of this existence of something similar between generations brings in a thought that there is something in common for all the human beings, and therefore some classification can be created to analyse and predict our behaviour.
             Different theories have been put forward, for example Freudian psychoanalysis pronounces that sexuality is the chief, if not the only, source of psychic energy, thereby accentuating the pleasure principle.

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