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The Consequences of Cheating on Exams

            Historically, the ethical behaviour was the key of success in education. Recently though, the situation has been changing. Cheating has become a global phenomenon and has taken incredible dimensions in the educational sector. Obviously, this unethical practice directly affects the students' environment. However, the main issue is that students can not perceive why cheating is wrong particularly if they believe that their grades reflect how good they are. One cannot but notice that we live in the waste Land 1 where cheating invaded our life: sports, video games, politics, financial industry and relationships. For instance, our society seems to promote that you can do anything leading to success. This results in the absence of any sense of moral structure in students' life. The academic institution has become involved in that perennial issue and higher education is misrepresented. Seemingly, the situation of parents is growing more difficult with grading pressure and long-term disadvantages of cheating on their children future. .
             The examination malpractice is not only threatening the process of learning and the academic environment, but it also has disastrous ethical consequences on students. Alarmingly, the statistical data in Faking the grade documentary shows that the number of students engaged in cheating is 75 % in high schools and 50% in universities. It reveals that there is a rationalization of cheating attitude since everyone is cheating: Medical school, FBI officers and political leaders. Even students who admit that they have never cheated in an exam revealed that this malpractice is becoming excusable. They believe that cheaters have no either choice since they are under a big pressure: if they don't cheat they have to stay awake, to take heavy drugs and energy drinks to finish their endless work. These honest students feel that they are also cheated and betrayed and that there are no equal opportunities inside and outside the academic institution.

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