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Cheating On College Exams

            How many of us have cheated in the past? Three-quarters of all high school and colleges students admitted cheating on tests and homework papers. Overall, cheating is wrong, and the one that cheats always get caught. Not only do they cheat, but also they justify their behavior as business as usual. On the other hand cheating has its causes by working too much, delaying your study schedule, and keeping an old habit of cheating in high school. People like to cheat because they think that they can get away with it.
             Almost seventy-five percent of students go to work and school at the same time. Majority of students work over-time which causes them to pay less attention in school. They get home from work and were so tired that all they want was to sleep. Students wake up to go to take an exam, but they ask a friend for the answers of the exam because they were too tired to study. Many students are so tired that they do not care about school or homework. They care about money, so they can survive, or they want to buy something that they want. Students waste time and money for school, because they do not to focus on school to get a future. Not only working causes student to pay less attention in college exams, but also delaying study time.
             Delaying the study schedule maybe because many students are too much fun rather than studying. Many students plan their schedule to study their exam before the day of the exam. Therefore, most of them do not cover enough exam material. This study time shortage can cause students to chat on the exam. This happens to most of the cheating students because they do not set their study time priority. Others keep up their old habit of cheating since in high school. An old habit of cheating in high school is the most common habit for those students who still keep doing it. Most students who cheated in high school are lazy because they would not waste their time doing homework or study.

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