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Why students cheat?

             Plagiarism and cheating are major problems the educational system has always faced.uk an educational website which conducts surveys on different school related topics has published a report on cheating and has concluded that 9 students out of 10 have cheated at least once during high school on tests, projects and written assignments. Teen Wire magazine, a magazine relating to teen issues has also published an article on plagiarism and has found out that 3 out of every 4 students have admitted to cheat on major exams, and plagiarized on final assignments in college and universities in the United States. Studying these statistics and imagining how many schools and universities there are in the United States, the question that comes to mind is why? Why do students cheat? Why is it such a big issue today, or has it been since the beginning of time? Maybe it's simply because students are too lazy to study the material or they are over burdened with other class work. There are also certain specific factors related to cheating such as, some students may see other students help each other to cheat and think its an easier way to get a better grade and the most obvious reason that comes to mind is, maybe today's students are compelled to cheat because they feel intense pressure to maintain a high grade point average, therefore they can get into university. .
             Students mainly cheat because they are too lazy to do their work themselves. Either they do not even attempt to understand their material, or they are always distracted by TV, listening to music, or surfing the Internet, which all consume valuable studying time. They then find out that there is not enough time to read their text causing them to find other means to do well on their tests. The result is trying to cheat or plagiarize, either off the Internet or copying someone else's work during a test. The reason for this is that students think it's easier to cheat then to learn on their own.

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