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The Problem with Cheating

            There has been a recent survey of 400 students in grades 5-9. It revealed that up to 67 % of the students admitted cheating on schoolwork at some time. The reasons why were either "I wanted a good grade" or "It's a game and when the teachers aren't looking, it's their fault". The question teachers still ask is why they still cheat. The thing is that many don't get it sometimes or they don't understand either. A reason why a student may cheat is because they really want a good and there are consequences if they don't. Many students are always under pressure especially when doing an important test like a final exam. Many don't know what might happen if they don't do well on it. Teachers tell you it's just a grade and it shouldn't effect on how you feel about yourself. What they don't know is that other people will say that they are wrong. .
             That you should have done better, "if you studied what happened why you got me an 80 instead of a 90 or 100". That makes the student downgrade themselves although the teachers might say that they are good and shouldn't worry. But the question they ask themselves is, then why have I been failing and not getting hundreds? Teachers do not know that their own parents give them punishments when their tests don't get a 90% - 100%. It's mainly because they know their child can do better and they want them to go as far as they can. Another reason why a student might cheat is simply because they are lazy. And that's the thing some are smart but chose to be lazy and don't study so they just cheat. Sometimes those people become friends with others just so that person copy off of them in tests or homework. I have never been one to be like that but I have seen people that way. As stated in the prompt some say it is just fairly common in the levels of school. .
             I myself had cheated on a test because I wasn't sure or I wasn't confident of what I knew.

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