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            There are many problems in the world everywhere we go. There is a big problem in schools, especially high school. Cheating is a big problem for teachers and a headache to have to watch out for. Teens have figures that it is okay to cheat because everyone does it. Dishonesty has become a big factor in today society, and this effects everyone in some way. Cheating effects everyone in some way.
             Cheating occurs everyday, in every school. Cheating occurs even in the nicest schools, including private schools. This usually occurs when someone does not study for a test or just does not feel like thinking. Also, one might do it because he knows he can get away with it. There is a wide range of cheating that can go on in schools. It can be a simple as copying one word, to copying the whole test. Whatever the extent of the cheating, that does not make it right. In today's society, teens just assume that cheating is an exceptable way of getting through test. They don"t care even though they know the consequences. .
             Cheating effects me because when I study, someone else may do better than me because they cheated. This may ruin the curve for the class. And that is not fair because I could have gotten a better score. With that, sometimes I feel taken advantage of when someone kind of glances over at my paper. I don"t always cover it up, but sometimes I do. Cheating can also make a person loose respect for you. They may figure that they can always cheat off of you. This will become a routine, and they will always do it. This effects my motivation to learn because I figure that studying is not worth it anymore. I figure that since everyone is cheating, I mind as well not study as hard. This can be frustrating because it ruins the learning environment in the classroom.
             Cheating widely effects others also. Excepting cheating only sends a negative massage to everyone. We are saying that teachers don"t care, and you can get away with it.

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