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            The movie Cheaters occurs in the fall of 1994, when a teacher at Chicago's run-down Steinmetz High School is placed in charge of seven students for an academic decathlon team. After many hours of extra-curricular work, the students barley get the scores needed to advance to the regional meet, which has been won by rival, preppy, Whitney Young High School for 9 years in a row. The team from Steinmetz decided to try and break the stereotype that underprivileged students are dumber than rich ones. The only way for them to accomplish this was to steal a copy of the test that was going to be administered in the competition and use it to cheat. With the help of the test, Steinmetz blows away the competition and wins the regional event. Their glory does not last for long because a jealous member of the team, who did not get to compete in the competition, turned in the students who cheated. After an investigation, the students" cover was blown and they were stripped of their medals. .
             In the movie, the team from Steinmetz was disadvantaged, while the team from Whitney Young had unfair advantages. This caused me to want the team from Steinmetz to get away with their cheating and be allowed to bask in their glory. Cheating, however, is immoral and the cheaters deserved to be punished despite my sympathy for them as the underdogs. As much as I would like to say that the team from Steinmetz was justified in their actions, they were not. On the other hand, the advantages given to the team from Whitney Young were also immoral. The fact that they were not punished for their "advantages" and the fact that, because they were rich, there were never any "random" number checks on their tests is just as, if not more immoral than what the team from Steinmetz did. Both teams acted unethically and neither team's actions are any more acceptable than the other's. .

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