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             (My opinion and beliefs about cheating).
             I feel that cheating is an unethical and immoral act but still it is not one that is cracked down upon frequently and stopped. If someone decides to cheat on anything, it shows that they would stoop as low as they can go to succeed. I myself have been bribed with a dollar or some candy to let people see my answers or for me to do their worksheets, but I always refuse no matter how tempting the offer. I feel that it is inappropriate for one to achieve success through borrowed knowledge. Although I agree with the author, the whole blame should not be placed on the student's shoulders for he is but a product of a system that encourages such behavior and demands perfection .
             This article touches an aspect that prevails at every level of our society and yet goes majorly unnoticed and frequently underreported. Teachers, like the one mentioned in the article, should not have to go through a hard and long process just to prove that a student has cheated. The teacher is in the best position to know the students potential having observed his/her work throughout the year. If at any time the teacher sees the student over performing or underperforming it should be a cause for concern, indicating that the student may have used unfair means or was physically unwell, respectively. The school board should always side with the teacher since they would not intentionally fail any student.
             The students, on the other hand, are forced to be led away from the path of truth due to high expectations set by their parents and peers. They have to realize that whatever effort they put into their work, although suboptimal, can be the stepping stone for an improved performance in the future. Parents can help by adopting high morals in their family and dissuading their children from taking the easy way out.
             In conclusion, they say it takes two to tango. If students are cheating it is because of the current education system which places too much emphasis on the outcome instead of the process.

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