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Summary & Response - University Cheating Scandal

            In their 2007 article on the cheating problem in university entitled "The great university cheating scandal", published in Maclean's, Gulli, Kohler, and Patriquin analyze the growing cheating problem in universities. According to the article, several studies declare that cheating is increasing in universities. Previous research has indicated that more than half the students in Canadian universities are cheaters. The researchers found that cheating was more prevalent in many aspects of academic study. In this study, students who are cheaters can be engineer students or dental students, and business students. The authors of the article discuss several reasons why student cheating in universities. The students cheat because others cheat and that makes them feel unfair. They are cheating to get the good GPA for a better career, to ensure high salaries. Moreover, the students who cheat often feel justified in what they are doing because they are under too much academic pressure. .
             The authors blame the universities for the cheating problem. The students who cheat are rare to be caught, even if caught; they face less punishment than they are deserved. The methods for detecting cheating in Canadian universities are not effective. Although some universities' policies for cheating issue are very strict, the professors do not really try to prevent cheating because professors are there to teach not to deal with cheating problem. Thus, students have to fear of getting caught. According to the authors, some people believe that cheating problem, if not controlled, could have a negative effect on society. Employees who involved in cheating in the university tend to cheat in the workplace. This suggests that the companies use cheating employee will suffer huge cost to hire new employees, but they can lose more if keeping that employee. Therefore, the universities will lose their value because the poor quality products.

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