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Everyone Cheats...A Little

            "Why We Cheat,"" written by Ferric Fang and Arturo Casadevall, examines the causes of fraudulence and dishonesty, and offers possible solutions to put an end to cheating. In the article, "Everyone Cheats a Little," Fang and Casadevall state that when the circumstances fit, most humans will cheat. There are a number of reasons for these acts of deception including personal benefits, or from a fear of loss. For some, anxiety over a certain loss is a superior motivator than any type of external reward. For others, in a situation where cheating is presented, there is a limit to how much one will cheat. This may be due, in part, to the thought that cheating a little is less of an offense than cheating a lot, and much easier to get away with. Along with these reasons, deception in student and professor academia is partially attributed to angst and the possibility of an impending end to either a career or further education. Fang and Casadevall conclude that the risk of loss creates in humans a "hypermotivation " to deceive and a reasoning that justifies breaking an ethical standard" (34-35). .
             Summary Response.
             Fang and Casadevall state valid points as to why people cheat and the innate ability humans have to deceive when the situation allows for it. The research they provide in their article is effective in backing up their assumptions throughout. "Everyone Cheats - A Little"" is relatable to everyone who has ever committed an act of fraudulence, big or small. As described in the summary above, cheating a little is much more likely to slide by than a larger act of dishonesty. For example, if a student copies one or two ideas for an argumentative paper off the Internet or a student copying an entire essay, the student who cheated less is more likely to get away with it. Another reason this article is applicable to most people is the "hypermotivation"" Fang and Casadevall describe. There is always a motive behind cheating whether it is for a job or in school.

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