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Do The Little Things

             Being in the lawn care business gave me a whole new appreciation of what it takes to make things look nice. When doing work for someone else I had to be meticulous, always making sure that I did not make even the tiniest mistake. That one mistake will always be the first to be seen, and then everything goes down hill from there. It seems so simple to make a lawn look nice, sure all one has to do is make straight lines when they mow and it looks good. That's not the case; one thing that is always overlooked is the most important thing. If one doesn't take pride in their work, then the whole job shows it. .
             This isn't just a lesson in lawn care; it should be taken and distributed into each and everyone's lives. Taking pride in a job is all well and good, but if one doesn't take pride in their life, then what good is taking pride in anything? One should take pride in every aspect of their life: the decisions they make, the friends they meet, and the things they say just to name a few. .
             Comparing lawn maintenance to one's own life isn't difficult. Think of a time that the grass was really long, shaggy, and in dire need of some attention. Sure, it might be a pain to spend a little extra time on a Sunday afternoon to make the lawn look presentable to the whole neighborhood, but it sure feels good to look around and make the community a more visually acceptable place to live. It's easy to think about how sometimes people are in bad moods or they feel as if his or her life is out of control. Well, just how more time is spent on the lawn, it's easy to spend more time to try and better the things in one's own life that are going poorly. It will make a world of difference. .
             When I drive around and I see people on his or her tractors mowing his or her lawn that aren't even that big at all, it bothers me and makes me cringe. I honestly think that the person doing it is not only lazy, but really needs to work on himself or herself as a person too.

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