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little things

             Essay " Little Things.
             The setting of the story lends to setting the mood of the moment. It has been cold,.
             rainy and icy. The family has been cooped up, causing frustrations to run high. The.
             description of the living quarters, a small house or apartment, adds to the current frustration.
             levels. During the beginning of the story the author describes the weather earlier in the day,.
             leaving us with a vivid description of the climate and current weather. Later in the story he.
             describes the sun is going down, allowing no light to come into the kitchen window. This.
             selling is described as cold and dark, which leads one to believe this is a depressed.
             environment. The dark and dreary apartment leads to the dark and dreary conclusion to the.
             story. The argument starts in the bedroom.
             It is obvious that conflicts exist between the couple. The argument progresses and the.
             couple are in the kitchen, which is also dark and cold. They are apparently arguing over the.
             child, which the mother unveiled from underneath the blanket. Her husband is pushing his.
             cloths into a suitcase when his wife comes to the bedroom door stating her relief to his.
             comment of leaving. The wife grabs the picture of the baby and walks out of the room with.
             her husband saying, "Give that back,"" and her response is, "Just get your things and get out."".
             The stress and tenseness you perceive from these two is conveyed through the writer's.
             expression of words. They are notably arguing over some distress in their marriage, which the.
             author does not state. We are to assume that the argument has something to do with their.
             relationship. While grabbing his bag and leaving the room he looks back, as if he will miss.
             it. When he turned off the light it appears to be a signal of letting go.

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