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Staurt Little

             Stuart Little By: E.
             Stuart Little was a small mouse that was adopted by a family that lived in New York. They made Stuart a regular family member. Stuart had a mother, father, brother and Little's housecat Snowbell. Snowbell and Stuart didn't gat along to well, they had a lot of fights, and the Littles had to get between them so Stuart wouldn't get hurt.
             Stuart Little took place in the 1950s. Stuart was a big help to the whole family. When things got stuck in small areas, Stuart's name was called. For example, when Mrs.Little's wedding ring got fell in the in the drain, George, Stuart's brother, tied Stuart to a long string and put him down the drain. When Stuart jerked the rope three times George let him up and Stuart got the ring. The Littles loved Stuart, and Stuart loved his family.
             Every once in while Stuart went out for a walk or a ride in his customized Volkswagen, or a ride in his canoe in the East River. All of these things were Stuart's hobbies. Obliviously he likes to go out. One time he even substituted. That day went pretty well for Stuart, but there was things that distracted the kids, the kids were being taught by a mouse, and could barely hear him. When Stuart got back he went to bed. The next morning Mrs. Little got up first, and the first thing she noticed was a bird on her window sill. The bird appeared to be dead. Mrs. Little brought the bird inside and put it next to the radiator, and in a minute or so the bird started to move and opened her eyes.
             Later on the rest of the Littles woke up, and saw the bird. All members of the Little family, except Stuart, didn't care for the bird. When Stuart saw the bird his eyes lit up like a torch. Stuart had a crush on her. One day Stuart, very nervously, went to the bird and asked her to come up to his room, and the bird did. Stuart asked her for her name and she said "Tell me your name first.

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