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The Gangster Genre - Goodfellas and Little Caesar

            Comparison between Characters, Settings and Resolutions in Little Caesar and Goodfellas.
             All movies can be divided into genres. Movies belonging to the gangster genre follow a basic formula, which is of similar conventions, characters, values, resolutions, and conflicts. These principles parallel each other and reoccur throughout various gangster films, setting standards for the genre. The types of characters, the locations the film takes place in, and the resolutions that occur can be linked together and associated with all other films of its genre. The use of characters, setting, and resolutions will be compared between Mervyn LeRoy's Little Caesar and Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. .
             The characters used in Little Caesar and Goodfellas are typical of the gangster genre. The protagonist usually starts off poor but then joins a gang and performs various tasks. He is brutal, merciless, overconfident and ambitious, as Rico is in Little Caesar. He takes over Sam Ventori's gang without any loyalty what so ever, going through anything and anyone to get to the top. Henry Hill starts the gang very young and works his way up, not as ruthlessly as the typical protagonist though still depraved. The other members of the gang each have a particular skill, driving the getaway car for example. Though all equally under the boss, one, Rico for example, will attempt to gain it all. Goodfellas doesn't involve betrayal until the end, though Henry does attempt to earn more cash going against Paul's order to stay away from drugs. Though not embedded in the formula, the man who wants out of the gang, Joe Massara or reluctant Henry Hill, threatens his own life while doing so often is employed to project humanity and society, almost as if to offer a second chance. There is usually one gang member who plays the sidekick of the protagonist, Otero in Little Caesar and Tommy in Goodfellas. The role of women is predominantly the same throughout the evolution of the gangster genre.

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