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Taking Charge

            As a child, when playing with the other children, I always wanted to be Rogue from the X-Men. In my opinion, Rogue was the ultimate superhero. She was strong and didn't let anything stand in the way of her doing the right thing. To this day, it is the children who aspire to become like their heroes, when in fact, we should all consider having and eventually becoming someone's hero. Many believe that a hero is one who has extreme hairstyles and wears tights, but that is the grade-school perception. In actuality, true heroes are those who overcome adversity, make a difference in others lives, and are not forgotten for their good deeds.
             At one point or another in life, trials come our way and we all deal with them differently. One person may prefer to disregard the problem, while others may decide to find a solution and learn to move on. Which category do you fall into: Those who attempt to move on with a fight or the many that live a life full of regret? Let's take a rape victim for example. Can we regard someone as a hero who doesn't get help and report the rapist? No, a hero would be someone who with time has learned to deal with the constant reminder that life may never be the same and is now trying to help other victims with their battle. .
             Although we are trying to move past the grade school mentality, let's think for a second about those childhood superheroes. Some of us can all agree that we always chose to be one of the good guys. Seldom did anyone ever volunteer to be one of the bad guys, so why is it that in life we do not strive to become better people to improve society? I believe everyone has a hero inside them, but some of us just chose to keep it in the closet, while few let their true selves shine. Good examples of true heroes are all those troops out fighting a very difficult but important war against oppression and terrorism. The outcome we all hope for is that one day that country will be able to live in a real democracy, where freedom reigns.

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