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Corruption in the Prison System

             Each year, California alone continues to have an increasing amount of criminals and violent offenders overcrowding the prison system. Prison is a place where people have illegally committed as a punishment for crime they have committed or waiting trial. (Dictionary). The prison system has evolved to give criminals their minimum and maximum sentence for the crime committed. Depending on the behavior on the inmate would consider whether or not his sentence would be reduced or extended. Prisons being so corrupt make it hard for anyone to make it out causing overpopulation. It is a concern that the prisons are the final frontier to home these offenders and leaving a changed person for the worse. Instead of progressing and creating a better facility to hold these inmates, the prison systems has evolved to mere corruption due to the system's abuse of power, the effects of solitary confinement and its failure to regulate the prison.
             Prison faculties abuse their powers and treat the inmates as inhuman. Guards take advantage of where they stand as a correctional officer knowing that inmates must obey them. In Last Man Standing, the guards would go into Geronimo Pratt's cell and jump him. As he fought back to defend himself, they would file assault charges on him. (Jack) In Geronimo Pratt's situation, his first reaction was to defend himself from getting brutally beaten and even though he may not even be fighting back. Trying to get the guards off of him would be consider resisting therefore requires officers to use force. Any prison can go down for assault charges because a guard can easily change up the story to make themselves the victim and trying to fight the charges would be a waste of time. A judge would never believe a personal with a criminal history and the criminal justice systems are like allies that would never turn on each other. It degrades the prison system because inmates like Pratt should be able to seek help by the guards and if the guards are the one causing the situation.

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