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Corruption in Law Enforcement

             Police corruption is the simple product of Marxian theory. In this case the means of production are simply the power that people of the law possess and their ability to bend it to suit their own selfish desires. The cause is our cash driven society that inspires greed even in the hearts of those who are supposed to protect us. Civilians and law enforcement officers alike will continue to be effected by this problem. Since its beginnings, many aspects of policing have changed; one aspect that has remained relatively unchanged is the existence of corruption. If you take a look in a local newspaper it is likely that you will find an article about a police officer that has been arrested for committing some kind of corrupt act. Officers have been stealing money from dealers and distributing drugs themselves. They are protected, hiding behind their brass badges that they proudly display. The way to solve this problem comes from either Weber's ideal system of nobility or Durkheimian theory where corruption would be intolerable and quickly unveiled from the inside. The people of the community are responsible for bringing about these kinds of changes in our society. Only with a system that awards bravery and honor will police officers be turned away from a life of corruption.
             Like it or not, power tends to lead to corruption. Why is it that people find themselves placing officers of the law high up on alters as superhuman? It's no surprise that people are often shocked and outraged when policemen are exposed violating the law. The truth is that police are human and just as susceptible to greed and evil as anyone else. The term corruption simply refers to the use of authority by a police officer to fulfill personal needs or wants. There are 3 simple criteria for a "corrupt act" which must all happen simultaneously: 1) misuse of authority, 2) misuse of official capacity, and 3) misuse of personal attainment.

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