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Research Proposal - Government Corruption

            Democracy is a government system where all the citizens of a country have an equal say in government decisions that affects their lives. It supports their freedoms, rights and the ability for a person to have political willpower. Although democracy has either one person or small group of people leading everything, it differs from the political system of monarchy or dictatorship in that the people can control their leader. There are better ways to have an incompetent leader removed from the government without revolution or violence. .
             Political corruption occurs when government officials abuse their power for personal gain or interest. When a country's leader becomes corrupt, he or she not only brings harm to him or herself, the people, but also to other neighboring countries and allies as well. Depending on the type of government system, political corruption and the effect of the scandal, this issue can create huge problems in other countries and people that are affected by the country. Although government agencies provide public aid to the people, it actually has lots of corruption, rich people have more priority, it is ineffective for protecting some of the people, and it has the tendency to be biased. .
             Corruption is when politicians or other people working under the government use money from the government revenue, for their own selfish interests. Many corruption scandals have overthrown governments in both industrialized countries and developing countries. Even in third world country like the Philippines, corruption remains persistent in the government (Valente). Corruption still remains a major issue in their government, even though the president tries to create a policy of transparency and honesty. In the survey taken, the police have more corruption than any other government agencies in the country. Another survey result even shows that political corruption slightly decreased during President Aquino's term.

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