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Global GMO Crops

             This research proposal suggests a multi-faceted approach to the issue of genetically modified organisms and the intimately linked controversy surrounding GM crops. The proposal recommends existing research be posited as a basis from which to explore the activity of major global GMO specializing corporations, especially the ones who produce the seeds and herbicides used in much of the United States, as well as the wider world. Examining the socio-political, health , and environmental ramifications of biotechnology and the politics that have followed it would provide significant insight in respects to this strongly polarizing topic, and the radically different scholarly opinions presented about it. The main objective is to make the reader familiar with the meta issues that cloud media discourse about corporate entities like Monsanto, and harness these into a package that reflects 'green criminologist' thinking. While the criminal theory with which we approach the problem are indeed rooted in environmentalism, this paper seeks to eliminate ideology and petty rancor in order to prevent it from undermining empirical scientific work. The strengths and weaknesses of contemporary research are taken into account, while also recommending future proposals to extrapolate on existing knowledge and break new ground in the fields of genetic engineering and environmental justice. .
             The topic of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) has been the subject of much controversy, intrigue, and scientific inquiry. Advances in recombinant DNA technology have allowed for greater human ability to manipulate the genetic structure of plants, animals, and other organisms in unnatural ways. The scientific community is diverse in its approach and evaluation of GMOs, but the general consensus is that this advent in the field of biotechnology has been a major game changer in agriculture, but whether it has been revolutionized for the better, or opened up a pandora's box, depends on perspective.

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