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Regulations of GMO

             In the twenty-first century, with all the burning issues at hand, there is bound to be controversy and disagreement. There are many important issues, which face the world today, issues like war, gun control, censorship, and even genetically engineered food. With all the modern scientific advances we are making today, especially in Canada, there are positive effects as well as negative effects. Scientists and biotechnological based companies claim that genetically modified foods (GMO's) can hold the key to the solution of many problems facing our world today. These have led to the development and production of new drugs, and potentially supply the answer on how to feed a growing population on limited space and cure world hunger. The developers of Genetically Modified Foods, Monsanto, Dupont and others, report that they are completely safe and enumerate a list of their scientific advancements in the field of biotechnology in an endeavor to gain public confidence. Farmers, retailers and consumers seem separated on the subject however. There are two sides on this issue, biotechnological business touts are preforming great breakthroughs of modern time, but skeptics, such as Greenpeace and The Sierra Club, are not so sure. There are many issues concerning this topic such as labeling, long term health effects, the environment and economics. However, through proper regulations, constant testing by independent research firms and, government controls, genetically altered foods can and will be a continuing trend for Canada and the world.
             What are GMO's and Why? .
             With the ongoing development of technology it is more apparent now then ever the knowledge that scientists hold about genetic modification. With further research being conducted scientists are perfecting ways in which to genetically modify organisms. Advancements in this field have engineered new species of crops resistant to environmental stresses, disease, herbicides and pests.

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