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Whole Market Foods and Genetically Modified Foods

            "Whole Foods Market" recently released a blog article stating that they do, in fact, carry genetically modified foods in their stores. GMOs are genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods are foods that are genetically engineered and are modified in order to exhibit a desired trait. GMOs are portrayed as environmentally responsible, and an easy way for farmers to feed a growing population. There is much controversy about a store like whole foods selling a genetically modified food because the main aspect of their marketing scheme is that they sell food that are never artificial. The store justified selling unlabeled GMOs by saying that every store does it, and that what they did was not necessarily wrong. The truth is that Whole Foods does indeed engage in false advertising, there is nothing natural about humans genetically modifying foods. .
             There is a lot of negative publicity out about genetically modified foods, mainly people stating that although they are said to be safer for the environment, but they are indeed much worst. GMOs generally have a higher amount of herbicides which can not only harm animals in the area, but also can reduce bio diversity and cause significant damage to ecosystems. Another cause of these herbicides that are used to genetically modify foods can be left behind in the body, and in significant amounts cause food allergies, mental disorders, reproductive disorders, digestion problems, and other less than fortunate medical issues. Although GMOs have not been around that long and research is mostly preliminary the jury is still out about whether or not they should be sold in stores. .
             Another factor that leads people to stay away from GMOs is that there is very little regulation by the FDA. Manufactures have not been required to notify the FDA of their genetically modified products. This is because the FDA has stated that there is no information proving that genetically modified foods are any different than natural, organic foods.

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