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Genetically Engineered Food

             Genetically engineered food and agricultural biotechnology have generated considerable interest and controversy in the United States and around the world. Some have faith in the technology's benefits while others raise questions about environmental and food safety issues. Genetically engineered food is a product of human advancement that holds a key to a promising future, only if the general public is properly educated about the concept of agricultural biotechnology.
             To better get a hold on the concept of genetically engineered food, it's necessary to understand what is actually meant by genetically engineered or modified food. Genetic engineering is a division of science that involves altering a genome of an organism to attain certain results. Recent innovations in biotechnology allow scientists to select specific genes from one organism and introduce them into another to confer a desired trait. This technology allows to produce new varieties of animals and plants more quickly than conventional methods and to introduce traits that are unachievable through traditional techniques (genetically 1). Therefore, genetically engineered food is obtained from a source-whether plant or an animal-that has been modified genetically by either introducing new genes or somehow altering the original genes of the organism.
             Agricultural biotechnology has already provided with many advantages and is working in providing with some more in the future. Major biotechnology products in the market today include genetically modified crops engineered to tolerate herbicides and resist pests. New varieties of corps have been created that carry herbicide-tolerant genes allowing the farmers to spray their fields to eliminate weeds without damaging the crop. Similarly, pest-resistant crops are engineered to contain a gene for a toxic protein from Bacillus thurigiensis (Bt)-a soil bacterium. The whole entire plant produces the Bt protein and is, therefore, resistant to insect pests.

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