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Genetically Engineered Foods

             In each plant and animal there are millions of genes. Inside each gene are strings of DNA. Genes determine the growth, size, and other characteristics of an organism. These genes are also by what species transfer inheritable characteristics from one generation to the next. DNA holds all the information regarding function and structure in a plant or animal. Another form of DNA is known as recombinant DNA, this form of DNA is any molecule consisting of two or more gene types. This recombinant DNA has given scientists a definite way of viewing structure, regulation, and function of individual genes. This type of DNA also has allowed them to unravel the molecular bases of genetic diseases, understand why individuals differ in their responses to drugs and medicines, and for turning plants, animals, and microorganisms into chemical factories.(2 p.281) Genetic engineering is when scientists artificially tamper with these blueprints. Engineers have gained a lot of knowledge about plant's biochemical pathways, enabling them to predict where the mutation will occur. In completing genetic engineering, scientists insert a gene from one organism into another organism attempting to replicate characteristics and enhance the organism. To do this they depend on DNA ligase to link these fragments together. When these two fragments of DNA do link together they form a strand of recombinant DNA.(2) This is very similar to crossbreeding, which the farmers use to enhance their agriculture. These farmers only crossbreed within the same species; for example Broccoli could be crossed with cauliflower but not with eggplant. This is not the way that genetic engineering is done. Genetic engineering may take the genes from an animal and insert them into that of a plant.(6) .
             With such technology genetically engineered foods can have a very positive impact on the world. These foods could help feed the world's hungry and save the environment.

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