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Genetically Engineered Foods: Why Not?

            There are many potential benefits that come with genetically engineered crops. While there are many people against it, I believe that the pros out weigh the cons. All the negativity on genetically engineered foods is more hysterical and emotional than factual and real. The negative connotations on genetically modified or engineered, synthetic or man-made products serve only as a barrier to potential benefits it could bring. Genetically engineered crops may scare some people because it is a generally new idea. While natural breeding is an imprecise and uncontrolled combination of thousands of genes, genetic engineering is a precise technological process that allows scientists to first select the specific gene desired and then inserts that gene in the target organism precisely. "Genetic engineering is a natural extension of traditional breeding; just as conventional breeding allows us to combine valuable traits within closely related species, genetic engineering allows scientists to access genes from a broader range of organisms to produce more valuable and productive crops." (Genetic-id) There is always a risk involved with new process, especially one as complex as this one. But even though there are risks, the beneficial possibilities are endless. Genetic engineering could offer the world healthier foods that are better for you and contain essential nutrients. It will also have a huge effect on the farming industry and the economy as a whole. There are also many ethical benefits such as the development of new medicines, cures for diseases, and the possibility of solve world hunger. But society must first be persuaded that genetic engineering is of great value in order to become an accepted social practice.
             The first possibility that Genetic engineering offers us is the development of more plentiful and nutritious foods, with great potential benefits for humanity and the environment.

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