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Understanding Genetically Modified Foods

            In a world where science dominates, many people are wondering about the new advances in food production. Many of the foods we already eat have been genetically engineered through breeding and hybridization in order to change the genetic structure to make crops stronger and healthier. In turn, this produces more healthy crops, which means more food for the masses. However, many people are questioning whether these genetically modified crops are actually good for us. Even though there is ongoing fear about the future health costs to consuming GMOs, humans have been growing and breeding plants and animals for decades. With an ever growing population, and an increase in world hunger, food production is in high demand. Genetically modified foods should continue to be produced worldwide because they provide pharmaceutical benefits, increase both food production and healthier crops, and benefit the environment by using herbicide tolerant varieties that require minimal tiling. .
             In order to see the benefits of using GMOs, it is important to understand what they are and where they come from. Agricultural products such as crop plants, farm animals, and soil bacteria have been genetically engineered to breed only those with specific traits that are better than others. These are examples of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Through selective breeding, crops are able to be bred to grow in a low-till plot, and with the ongoing demand for meat, GMOs can help increase production in farm animals. The truth is, most of the food we have been consuming has been genetically altered over the years of human breeding. According to Nature Education, "Today, we can incorporate new genes from one species into a completely unrelated species through genetic engineering, optimizing agricultural performance or facilitating the production of valuable pharmaceutical substances" (Phillips). Phillips demonstrates the advances in technology that humans are capable of using.

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