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Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

            The issue of genetically modified food, often referred to as GMOs, is one of the most important arguments we can have as a society. A huge part of the argument stems from genetically modified foods. Some people regard genetically modified wheat and corn for its drought resistance and the possibility to feed millions of people in parts of the world that desperately need food. The Other side of the argument stems from unwanted side effects caused by GMOs, for example the creation of herbicide resistant superweeds to the idea of the loss of biodiversity and uncontrollable transfer of modified genes into the environment, as reasons to be wary of this new technology. What is clear is that we need GMO's to be able to feed the world's population and explore new frontiers of science and the issue of GMO's could not be of greater importance. The benefits vs. risks that genetically modified organisms pose from a scientific standpoint in regard to the environment and human health is still inconclusive. Only time will only yield conclusive results, along with possible advancements in technology that will help relieve most concerns. .
             Both Whitman and Brown highlight that public research and funding are limited, and research tends to focuses only large sale environmental concerns and immediate human health. In my opinion GMO's are indispensable to the future of civilization and should be strongly supported in terms of funding for research and awareness. The scientific community is divided on human health effects and we don't know enough about GMO's and their side effects on the environment, The only rational take on the issue's is furthering our understanding GMO's and to be clear and transparent about the facts. The labeling of GM foods and GM products should be done for the dual purpose of increasing awareness and raising funds for research. The question of big corporations and the influence they have on Government regulation is also concerning, a recent BBC news article stated that the United Kingdom's Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Owen Patterson labeled "the opponents of genetically modified golden rice as wicked.

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