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The Benefits of Genetically Modified Foods

            There are a lot of countries in need of an artificial food supply. This is especially true for countries such as, China and Syria. Genetically modified organism food can be helpful to get their food supply, at a cheap price. This essay will present why the artificial food is beneficial to our lives in terms of crop productivity, vitamins, and population. .
             Firstly, the productivity of genetically modified organisms is very useful. According to the project, "The Grace," artificial food will become the best thing in modern countries. The farmers in different continents such as Africa, South and Central America, Asia, use genetically modified soy beans and genetically modified cotton. In addition, the majority of the income gains are coming from those two artificial crops. Genetically modified organisms will increase food production, which is the most successful way to get foods to around the world.
             Ghent University, show in a study that six major stable crops have been genetically modified to successfully incorporate one or more additional vitamins or minerals. This has happened in rice that has been supplemented with vitamin A. Additionally, they are creating some plants to be resistant to dangers, such as, weeds, pest, and other diseases, (GMO: The benefit of genetically modified food'). Clearly, these GMO's with health benefits have great potential. According to research, (UGent reveals), consumers are willing to pay more for GMO's with health benefits, with premiums ranging from 20% to 70%. This shows that people care about artificial food, and it's benefits.
             Many people in developing countries receive very little food. According to the report, "CABAN the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network," they claim that they really need this technology to feed growing populations. it is going to be difficult solving world starvation, when there is not genetically modified food crops available, and genetically modified crops are better than non-genetically modified crops, at tolerating poor soils or challenging climate conditions, (GMO Myths and Truths: GM crops are irrelevant to feeding the world).

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