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Health and Genetically Modified Foods

            With the use technology, scientists are able to genetically modify, as known as GM, foods to make them seem more beneficial to a humans' health, preserve them longer, and to create an ability to not rot. There are also organisms put into the feed of animals called GMO's which are genetically modified organisms. Every day we unknowingly consume genetically modified foods: they are simply unavoidable. By devouring genetically modified foods we are taking risks because in actuality we do not know what we are eating. In Why the Reckless Survive by Melvin Konner entails what risks humans take such as smoking tobacco, not wearing a seatbelt when operating a vehicle, and doing illegal drugs. Nearly one-third of corn harvested in the United States is genetically modified due to its own insecticide. Around half of cotton crop, an edible cottonseed oil, is also genetically engineered. Virtually half soybeans in the United States are GM to produce a chemical that makes plants invulnerable to weeding-killing sprays. Genetically modified foods have been a part of agriculture for many years. Genetic modification can take many shapes and sizes. Chemicals can be put into the fruits and vegetables for preservation, chemicals can be put into the feed for mammals that humans consume such as chickens and cows. Due to the advancements in genetics scientists gained the ability to alter plants and animals by using recombinant DNA techniques, or by combining two different molecules of DNA. .
             Gahan Wilson writes his opinion on a possible outcome of modified foods in Food Fight. Wilson believes that if we continue to modify food that it will result in food adapting to "hostile environment" and grow the ability control the world and take revenge on the human race. With the use of an outrageous cartoon, Wilson shows scientists using high technology machines to make vegetables immune to be eaten by insects.

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