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The Safety of Genetically Modified Foods

            What does a tomato, soybean, and McDonald's French fry have in common? They are all some of the most common genetically modified foods sold on the market today. This issue seems to be on everyone's plate lately. There is corporate interest and lobbying, outrage and protests, as well as curiosity and outright indifference. According to Michael Ruse, "Products containing genetically modified ingredients dominate the grocery shelves, with at least seventy-five percent of processed food products sold in United States grocery stores containing one or more genetically modified ingredients, according to current estimates by The Grocery Manufacturers of America" (32). My personal interest in this matter stems from growing up on a farm and the recent resurgence of gardening in my daily life. Is it healthier or more cost effective to seek out non-genetically modified food for my family? Hopefully more answers than questions will become apparent in the near future. There have been many tests to substantiate the corporate claims; however, there have also been independent studies that refute those claims. More independent research is definitely needed in order to put people at ease, or to stop genetically modified food production. Whichever becomes the best course of action for the world needs to be determined and brought to light, sooner rather than later. High profile patent lawsuits by Monsanto, as well as films, i.e. Food Inc. and King Corn, seem to stimulate the anti genetically modified movement. The only evidence to refute assumptions about the lawsuits and ideals infused in these films appear to come from within the belly of the beast, itself. This self generated "proof" has continued to fuel the anti genetically modified argument. This debate over the safety of genetically modified food is intense in the scientific world as well as in the public domain of the consumer. People want to know that genetically modified foods are safe to eat and have no long-term health risks.

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