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Genetically Modified Foods

            Genetically modified foods have been one of the biggest issues in the news do to uncertainty of the outcomes. It is unclear whether this new technology is helpful to us, or if it is harmful. We will have to understand what genetically modified foods are and what kind of modifications there are to plants. I will be discussing some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with genetically modified foods, and what concerns people might have with them.
             Genetically Modified foods are used to describe the crop plants created for human and animal consumption. The plants that are consumed are created in laboratories using the latest molecular biology techniques. Using this technology they can create the exact gene they want. When the gene they want is found they can insert that gene into the plant to get the results they are looking for. For example, a gene that is used to tolerate drought conditions can be inserted into one plant so it can survive in the driest conditions. This is one major advantage that genetically modified plants have in a environment it would otherwise not survive in. Currently there are over forty plants that have completed all of United States Department of Agriculture requirements. There were thirteen countries that grew genetically engineered crops commercially in 2000. (Whitman,4) Of these thirteen countries the United States produced by far the most.
             There are a few advantages with genetically modified foods that people should know about. One of the biggest advantages is pest resistance. With using genes that fight off pests can be safer for humans in the long run. Farmers use pesticides to kill pests that will destroy their crops if they are not taken care of. This process is time consuming and very expensive. Some people will not eat crops that have had pesticides used on them. There can be health hazards associated with pesticides, and the run-off of agriculture wastes into streams can harm our water supplies.

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