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             Almost 3000 years have passed when the Greeks first founded the Olympic games. On November 25th, 1892, the sacred time has come for the revival of the Olympics. It was then that Baron Pierre de Coubertin, as we read from the Revival of the Olympics, declared for the first time his wish for the revival, at the Union des Sports Athletiques: .
             "Let us export our oarsmen, our runners, our fencers into other lands. That is the true Free Trade of the future; and the day it is introduced into Europe the cause of peace will have received a new and strong ally. It inspires me to touch upon another step I now propose and in it I shall ask that the help you have given me hitherto you will extent again, so that together we may attempt to realise, upon a basis suitable to the conditions of our modern life, the splendid and beneficent task of reviving the Olympic games ". (Revival of the Olympics 1) .
             When Baron Pierre de Coubertin stated his will, had never thought that this perennial institution could ever be as much corrupted as it is today. The bribery scandals with the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) and the bid cities, and the drugs many athletes use, are two examples that I.O.C. members should consider more carefully about. However there are people inside the committee that support the opinion that these are baseless accusations. .
             One thing that the modern Olympics needed was good organisation. As we read from the Organization Of Modern Olympics foundation of the I.O.C. helped to avoid any exterior influences. The members of this committee were and still are totally independent; no instructions may be accepted, of any kind, from their government. It is an organisation that its members are elected for life and must speak French or English. Each country elects only one member to represent them in the committee. (Organization Of The Modern Olympics 1,2) .
             On the other hand, as it is written in organization of modern Olympics, apart from the I.

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