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Toronto Olympics

            Games are first and foremost a festival of sport and youth and give coming generations an increased awareness in their faith in the future and the sharing of common values. By hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, Toronto and indeed all of Canada will benefit. Other cities that are in the bid for the games are Beijing, Istanbul and Paris. The Games will boost our economy, increase the status of Canada in the eyes of the rest of the world and will foster pride and honour in our athletes. .
             The affect on the economy would be profitable because of the games. The games will bring in profit for many businesses, not to mention the hotels which will be filled to capacity. The games could potentially generate $2.8 billion for the city of Toronto (www1). If the games come to Toronto, it would make the city almost recession proof. It would create jobs for people who have to build the stadiums and other structures. Citizens would capitalize on the building bonanza. A stadium and Olympic Village will be created at the waterfront employing thousands. People would want to be part of history by saying that they built or worked at the Olympics in 2008. These aspects of the games will be very profitable towards Toronto and the rest of Canada.
             Canada would come under international scrutiny and meet the challenge by raising awareness for Canada and especially Toronto. The eyes of the world will be watching us, how we act and what we have to offer. People world wide take notice when Olympic Games are well run. Canadians can take pride in the fact that they are hosting a world event that happens only every four years. "It would be a spectacle like no other. It would have Canadians everywhere proud to call Canada home," declared Mel Lastman, Mayor of Toronto (www.to-2008.com).The Mayor gave the people assurance that the event will be something of which to be proud . Pride in a country is a very emotional thing that brings with it unity.

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