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Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson

             For my profile essay I decided to write about Canada's fourteenth Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson. I chose him because I remember every time my family would travel to Toronto or fly out of the Pearson Airport I would ask my parents who the Airport was named after. Each time they would reply, "one of Canada's Prime Ministers." This answer didn't exactly cut it for me, I realized he must have some sort of significance if he has an Airport named after him. This profile essay gave me the opportunity to answer one of my childhood questions. So, this is why I chose Lester B. Pearson, to finally answer the question I frequently asked. .
             Lester Pearson was born April 23rd 1897 in York Ontario to his mother Annie Sarah Bowles and father Edwin Arthur Pearson. Lester's father was a Methodist minister and he spent most of his childhood moving around with the church. He was a middle child to his brother Marmaduke, mostly called Duke, and youngest brother Vaughan. This family of five had its hardships living in poverty. Lester's mother didn't work, and as a minister his father only made about $700.00 a year. Despite financial struggles the family made it by on happiness and supportive, loving parents. .
             Lester attended the Hamilton Collegiate Institute where he received very good grades. He graduated at the age of sixteen and later in the year went to Victoria College at the University of Toronto in 1913. His brother Duke and Lester lived together while they both attended school. Lester was a model student and avoided the use of substances like tobacco and alcohol. Lester took after his father in athletics. He excelled in in sports but particularly in baseball, hockey and lacrosse. In the summer holidays while not in school, Lester made extra money as a semi-professional baseball player. While in school the outbreak of the First World War occurred. Lester made the courageous decision to enlist as a volunteer in the army.

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