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Pierre Elliot Trudeau

             Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a politician, a lawyer, a writer and one of Canada's greatest prime ministers whom had the idea of Canada's independence and acted on it. Born on October 18th 1919 in Montreal, Trudeau was destined to be great. This is because of his wealthy parents. His father a successful French Canadian businessman and his mother who is of Scottish ancestry. Trudeau at the age of 51 (while he was PM) married a very young 22-year-old named Margaret Sinclair, but in 1977 they separated and divorced in 1984. With custody of their 3 sons Justin, Alexander and Michel, Trudeau resigns as leader to the Liberal Party of Canada to spend more time together. In November 1998 Trudeau's life faced a tragedy. Michel was involved in an avalanche in British Columbia when he was skiing and was presumed dead after days of searching. .
             Pierre Trudeau had gone through many years of schooling and adventures to achieve what he has. Trudeau had first attended the College Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal where he graduated and received a baccalaureate degree with honors. Later he attended the Université of Montréal where he earned a law degree also with honors. Trudeau continued to expand his knowledge by attending Harvard, where Trudeau earned his master's degree in political economy. He had then traveled to Paris and studied at the École libre des sciences politiques and at the London School of Economics. Pierre took two years off of his everyday stresses and with a knapsack and walking stick, he traveled through Europe, the Middle East, and southern Asia. After returning to Canada in 1949 he allied himself with asbestos workers in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and then in 1956 he edited a book on the bitter Asbestos Strike. Later, himself and a friend (a professor at McGill University) paddled down the Mackenzie River. Then in 1960, Trudeau and two other friends attempted to canoe from Florida to Cuba but aborted the trip because of high winds.

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