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Corruption of the olympics

             When you think of the Olympics you think of all the outstanding athletes who can do things that most people can not. You think of people who dedicated their entire life just to be better than the best. You think of how the competitors must feel when they win a gold medal knowing they earned it, but one thing you probably do not think of, until now, is cheating. .
             The Olympics were created to bring forth the best athletes from around the globe. Countries send their finest competitors, who have dedicated their lives to sport, to compete in events against other worthy opponents from around the world. What this means is that the Olympics are a huge international event. In the beginning, when the Olympics first started, they were all about the athletes doing what they do best, but now it has become more of a political issue. Some countries will do whatever it takes to win, even cheat. Personally, I think that if countries can not win without cheating and can not accept losing, we must wonder what's the point of having the Olympics. The people who strive for the Olympics can not compete in a cheating contest. .
             If you are a judge it is hard to give your country's athletes poor marks for the event they are competing in, even if they are struggling. For example, you will most likely get bad calls against you in hockey game if you are at another team's rink because the referees want their community's hockey team to do well. There is nothing you can do about that except bring in officials from other communities, other than their own, to referee the games. Maybe a solution to the controversial judging at Salt Lake City would be to not allow the judges to see the country the competitors are from. This would prevent any biased evaluations by the judges. .
             Most Olympic events do not have judges or referees which in my opinion is a good thing. I feel that the fewer events the Olympics have where there are judges, the better.

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