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Why Pakistan Behind In Technology

             Pakistan is an enriched country with natural resources. Pakistan has got fine weather conditions. Pakistan has got brilliant minds. Pakistan is a nuclear power. But unfortunately Pakistan has ever suffered economic crisis. Pakistan has never been in competition to the developed countries even developing countries as far as technology is concerned with little exceptions (e.g. Nuclear Technology). There are certainly parasites, flaws in policies; need of the hour is to detect them and remove them so that we may live as prosperous nation.
             INTRODUCTION .
             Technology is the backbone of economy. Science is knowledge while technology is its application (1,2). Technology has to be mature, equipment reliable and process controlled (5). The development of technology is vital for the future of the country. It not only generates the wealth but also improves the quality of life (4). Two transformations are important for manufacturability. First is transformation of science into technical know-how and second is technology into manufacturability. We, the Pakistanis, could not have done these transformations to the satisfied level until now. We are well aware of science, but could not implement it. The United States leads the world in this transformation from academia (science) to industry (technology) (5). In some fields we have technology but could not utilize it; technology is understood and variability is reduced. Japan has definite advantage in manufacturability. It has got a very good system and framework to utilize, acquire, compile and generate technology. .
             Technology turns the wheels of the nation. Like the developed nations, improvement of technology must be emphasized in Pakistan. Not technology but management of technology has been our weakest link (1). There is nothing wrong with Pakistan. Everything is wrong with the individuals who run it (3).

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