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            While some countries are racing to develop nuclear weapons, other like United States are finding the ways to improve methods to secretly detecting those nuclear tests. Such incident took place in India in 1998. First I will explain what nuclear detonation is, how and where usually carried out and the ways to hide it. Nuclear detonation is testing of nuclear explosives. It is usually carried out in the deserted area because according to an article that I came accross for this topic titled "The silence if the bams: Is it possible to hide a nuclear detonation?" written by Sid Perkin. In this article explains that there was Limited Test Ban Treaty, signed between 115 countries which prohibited nuclear tests in the atmosphere, underwater and in outer space. So, to restrict this law a monitoring network was established which consisted of 321 stations scattered across the globe to detect any seismic activity. Therefore, most popular place for such activity is digging holes in the deserts to conduct underground explosions. Now I will move onto discussing six different articles on India's nuclear detonation and critiquing them as I go along.
             The first article I read is titled "Nukes they"re back: India's surprise nuclear tests shake a sense of security and could spark a new arms race" is written by Johanna McGeary. In this article he describes the role of then current Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to the nuclear detonations taken out by India and also describes how other countries might respond to this action. He says that India had tried to take out nuclear tests in 1995 but was failed to do so because U.S. spy satellites had detected the actions. However, it was the same political party " Bhartiya Janta Party" that Atal Vajpayee later became the leader of. So, when these tests were taken out in 1998 it came as a big news to the whole world. United Nations and the U.S condemned India.


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