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The United Arab Emirates

            The United Arab Emirates is a very wealthy country due to their global position in the export of oil. Within this country is home of two prestigious cities in the development of becoming international hubs within the business and social world. Dubai is developing as the significant commercial gateway to the Middle East. As stated by Mike Davis, in his article called, "Sand, Fear, and Money in Dubai " he says, "Dubai is a prototype of the new post-global city, which creates appetites rather than solves problems. " In addition he mentions "Dubai has become the new global icon of ˜imagineered urbanism' an emerging dream world of conspicuous consumption and what the locals boast as ˜supreme lifestyles " (Davis). The city is familiar with a large amount of extravagances centered on the capital derived from offshore oil. Dubai's economy universal surplus revenues from the massively inflated price of oil exports are invested in real estate markets along with the production of gigantic skyscrapers.
             Dubai also ambitions to develop as a prominent centre in the international economy, and position itself as a centre for institutional business and a gateway to the Middle Eastern region for principal and investment. According to the Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai is projected to rival some of the world's rival international economic centres in, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and Tokyo. With great success lies some crucial conflicts between this increased capitalistic approach and the Arab Muslim culture. To build these large extravagant building yes there will be paid workers that will boost the economy, but there also is said to have force labor and migrant exploitation. "Dubai's luxury lifestyles are attended by vast numbers of Filipina, Sri Lankan and Indian maids, while the building boom is carried on the shoulders of an army of poorly paid Pakistanis and Indians working twelve-hour shifts, six and a half days a week, in the asphalt-melting desert heat " Davis (2006).

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