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Setting Limits on Television Sexuality and Violence

            With the world entering the digital age, televisions are now present nearly everywhere; from public to private locations. This indicates that individuals are almost always exposed to the effects, both positive and negative, that televisions provide. Apart from informing societies, they also deliver a great source of entertainment for viewers. However, have they become influential enough to take control of planet earth in their own way? Are they influencing our younger generations to behave likewise; in a good or bad manner? Unfortunately, not only do televisions broadcast news stations and present censored movies they also contain numerous pornographic channels, which contain explicit scenes along with extremely abusive and informal language that have the ability to impact their viewers. Children for example, who have yet to hit puberty, usually under the age of thirteen, may find sexual scenes on television immensely disturbing, distorting the way they may behave in the future. As a result, it is popularly believed that governments and parents especially, should prevent the broadcasting of unnecessary scenes using censorship options. However, on the other hand, there are others who feel that implementing television censoring is unnecessary. This is because it undermines the true meaning behind the digital piece. Although the internet, as well as, literature may contain excessive accounts of pornography and violence this paper will solely focus on television. In addition to only discussing media regarding the television, the society that will be referred to will be The United Arab Emirates, due to first hand experience with this society. The references utilized throughout this paper will be made up of both popular and scholarly sources.
             Without the strict censoring of television, underage children will begin acting and mimicking what they witness, in this case, violence and sexuality.

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