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Indian Immigration and the United Arabs Emirates

             Human movement has a significant role in making our world one dynamic society. When human movement occurs, human integration and disintegration are interwoven together. Culture starts adapting different codes. New economies arise with different innovation of technologies. Thus, social institutions struggle to overcome the economic and social challenges within globalized society. It is important to know what migration means before getting into the case-study analysis. According to United Nations migration and migrants are,.
             "The geographic or spatial mobility of the population between one geographical unit and another involving a permanent change of residence. A migrant is a person who has changed his usual place of residence from one migration defining area to another at least once during the migration interval" (www.un.org p. 2). In other words, humans have experienced migration for ages. And, that is why human movement is also referred as a global phenomenon. Different scholars and institutions have defined human movement in various ways because of its versatile features. However, these variations have commonly internal and international migration factors. Populations that migrate from one geographical area to another in the same country are known as "internal" migrants. Whereas, international migrants are those who move from home country to another either temporarily or permanently. This paper explores labor migration-related concerns by providing summary analyses of the readings, then synthesizing and integrating the main arguments into a larger and critical discussion. Additionally, this paper examines the challenges and responses of Indian labor migration in the United Arab Emirates as a case-study to support Indian labor issues in the United Arab Emirates.
             Migration and Development - Literature Review.
             The expanding of globalization along with international migration has shaped the world more in the complex form than ever.

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