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Leave it to Beaver vs Bernie Mac

             There are many ways that television has changed in the past fifty years. The show content, acceptable language, acceptable behavior, and even common family structure. Bernie Mac is more applicable to life today than Leave It To Beaver.
             In Leave it to Beaver the father leaves Wally in charge of the house while he is away. He tells his son to take care of any problems and to take good care of his mother. While he is gone he is considered the father. When Beaver gets in trouble at school he has his brother Wally go and talk to the teacher because "dad left you to be the father while he is gone" (Beaver). .
             Bernie Mac is the uncle of the three children living in his house. He and his wife are taking the role of these childrens parents. Bernie is in charge of taking care of any problems that occur. He also has to take care of his wife, and make sure she is happy. .
             When Wally is left in charge of the family he is waiting for a problem to occur so he can take care of it. He immediatly tells Beaver what to do after the father leaves. When Wally goes and talks to the teacher he tells her that he is capable of dealing with Beaver because he knows exactly how his father would handle it. He is just playing the role of father. Bernie on the other hand is taking the role of father. It is up to him to decide how problems in the family are going to be taken care of. He also doesn't have to sit around waiting for problems. They are always waiting for him. .
             Problems are handled differently in both shows. In Leave it to Beaver a note is sent home when Beaver displays unacceptable behavior at school. One of his parents is suppossed to come and have a talk with the teacher. When Wally comes in place of the parents the teacher accepts that and Beaver only gets talked to. If one of the kids gets in trouble on Bernie Mac, Bernie yells and the kids usually get grounded and sent to their rooms.

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